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Grass Sod vs Artificial Turf


A. Would you like to see how your Current Grass Lawn would look with Synthetic Grass?

"Do You Need Help Visualizing Turf in Your Yard?"

Elite Putting Greens can help you.
EPG's Design Department can help you see what your yard will look like with synthetic grass installed with these 3 easy steps.

1. Inform your EPG Representative that you would like to see how your Lawn would look with Synthetic Turf.
2. Your Representative will take a couple photos and submit them to the Landscape Design Team.
3. You will receive your competitive Quote, Product & Services Information, and photos of what your area would look like after Synthetic Turf is installed.


faux grass  EPG's turf is manufactured in the USA - Guaranteed Lead Free. Many Turf Companies purchase their products overseas which have high lead content. There is little to NO company oversight or government mandates on turfs made overseas. Quote us when we say that "there is absolutely NO Lead or any other Heavy Metals in our products."

faux grass  UV Coated: Discolor & Stain Resistant. We've heard some nightmare stories about other turfs fading and losing their color as early as a year! A scary thought to homeowners that are spending thousands of dollars on a home improvement that they expect to last for 15-25 years.

faux grass  The Softest Fibers in the Industry! But don't take our word for it. At your Free Consultation ask to keep a sample and then put it next to any other turf. You will see and feel the difference!

faux grass  Other Product Highlights include:
Superior Drainage Capacity of 55-75 gallons per hour per square yard.
25 Year Life Span & Recyclable.
Flame Retardent
A wide variety to choose from: 40oz, 50oz, 60oz, 80oz, 104oz, 140oz, etc.


EPG only employs Qualified and well Experienced Foremen. EPG's business model is not to overexpand, but keep operations tight to ensure Quality Control. Each and every customer is treated with the respect that they deserve and are not treated like a part on an assembly line. We are all homeowners and understand that finding the right contractor, to trust your investment, is extremely important.

Elite Putting Greens is Licensed, Bonded & Insured. Our California Contractors License number is #957603 . We are supporters of the Synthetic Turf Council (STC) guidelines on synthetic turf, so we definitely know all facets of the synthetic turf and grass industry. When you shop around, make sure to check online that their Contractor's License is current and active. You can check at

Just like the Solar Panel Industry, the Synthetic Grass Industry is Booming, especially here in California with the Drought Emergency. With that said, there are many contractors popping up everywhere, offering below market prices. Be very wary and do your homework before committing to a contractor. Little to no experience, often times, leads to disastrous installations that require immediate repairs or re-turfing. We've also heard from customers that their installer has fallen off the map, or won't return their calls after a bad installation.

Elite Putting Greens has been around since 2005, has been specializing in Turf Installations, and we're here to stay. We stand behind our work and our products, and survive because we don't cut corners.

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Manufacturers' Warranties:
ProGreen provides an 8 Year Limited Warranty on all their products.
Tiger Turf provides a 15 Year Limited Warranty on all their products.
Advanced Grass provides a 15 Year Limited Warranty on all their products.

Elite Putting Greens and Synthetic Grass provides a 1-year workmanship labor warranty on all its installations. It is the condition of our Contract that if the Contractor upon receipt of written notice that is according with the Contract of a defect in the Work, shall promptly perform its obligations under the Correction of Work provisions of the Contract, a defect may be discovered during the one year Correction of Work period and shall commence on the Date of Substantial Completion, or on Date of Final Completion as mutually agreed by the Owner and Contractor, and the obligations shall remain in full effect.


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