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Over 5,000 Installations since 2005! The Synthetic Grass Experts in Los Angeles, CA.

Elite Putting Greens is a division of Artificial Grass Inc, more commonly termed as The ELITE ARTIFICIAL GRASS & OUTDOOR LIVING NETWORK. Elite is one of the pioneers in the synthetic turf and putting green industry offering professional installation and wholesale turf services to meet all of your residential & business landscaping needs. Elite carries only the best U.S.A. made synthetic grass for the residential and commercial markets in Los Angeles and Orange County with over 5,000 installations! We have been the premier provider of top quality lawns for Southern California for over 12 years!


faux grass  Our turf is Guaranteed Lead Free. Many Turf Companies purchase their products overseas which may have a high lead content. There is little to NO company oversight or government mandates on turfs made overseas. Quote us when we say that "there is absolutely NO Lead or any other Heavy Metals in our products."

faux grass  UV Coated: Discolor & Stain Resistant. We've heard some nightmare stories about other turfs fading and losing their color as early as a year! A scary thought to homeowners that are spending thousands of dollars on a home improvement that they expect to last for 15-25 years.

faux grass  The Softest Fibers in the Industry! But don't take our word for it. At your Free Consultation ask to keep a sample and then put it next to any other turf. You will see and feel the difference!

faux grass  Other Product Highlights include:
Superior Drainage Capacity of 55-75 gallons per hour per square yard.
25 Year Life Span & Recyclable. Flame Retardent

faux grass  Certified, Bonded & Insured Professional Installation Crews.

faux grass  Custom Design Projects for Your Residential & Commercial Needs.

faux grass  Fixed, Low Interest Financing Options Available through THREE different organizations: HERO, California First, & YGrene.

"Elite Putting Greens & Artificial Grass Los Angeles" provides you with complete professional installation services that are performed by trained and certified employees, not subcontractors. This allows us to maintain a consistent and very high level of quality. Our teams of supervised installers are fully insured to protect your investment. We have the latest equipment and an outstanding manufacturers' and workmanship labor warranties to ensure that your artificial turf always looks its best.

Elite is insured, licensed and bonded. We are supporters of the Synthetic Turf Council (STC) guidelines on synthetic grass, so we definitely know all facets of the industry. Our California Contractors License number is CSLB #1037754.

Just like the Solar Panel Industry, the Synthetic Grass Industry is Booming, especially here in California with the Drought Emergency. With that said, there are many contractors popping up everywhere, offering below market prices. Be very wary and do your homework before committing to a contractor. Little to no experience, often times, leads to disastrous installations that require immediate repairs or re-turfing. We've also heard from customers that their installer have fallen off the map (gone out of business), or won't return their calls after a bad installation.

Elite Putting Greens has been around since 2005, has been specializing in Turf Installations, and we're here to stay. We stand behind our work and our products, and survive because we don't cut corners.

The Team at Elite Putting Greens and Synthetic Grass has over 24 years experience in the installation of synthetic turf grasses all over the southern California Area. EPG knows who, what, where and why fake turf should be considered as a replacement for real grass. We can answer any question you have regarding the installation of synthetic grass... any question - guaranteed. We have heard them all. And the plain fact is this: Synthetic Grass is safe, doesn’t die, lasts at least 15 years and will always, always stay GREEN!

We know because we have been here for that long. Fake grass is a viable and green alternative to non-native sod grass. No more weeding. No more mowing. No more fertilizing. No more watering! Did you know that your real grass accounts for at least 75% of your water bill on average? It’s true! Why do you think all of the water agencies are trying to get you to tear out your real, non-native grass? It drinks all of the water, that’s why!
The average homeowner in Southern California can save up to $2,200 per year on their water and landscaping bills by switching to an Synthetic Turf lawn. The average lawn can use as much as 20,000 gallons of water per year!
More and more people are putting fake synthetic lawns and putting greens in their homes because it just makes sense. Stop the insanity! Stop paying for lawn maintenance! Free up time on your weekends! And remember most of all... it’s ALWAYS GREEN!

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and an EPG Consultant will meet you at your house or business to review your Synthetic Turf Landscaping options. This appointment is FREE and there is no obligation to move forward with EPG's services afterward. After the on-site evaluation, if you are interested in moving forward with EPG, you will be presented with payment options. EPG offers cash, check, credit card or our Zero Down payment plans that let you pay over 5-20 years.

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Manufacturers' Warranties:
Pro Green provides a 15 Year Limited Warranty on all their products.
Purchase Green provides a Limited Lifetime Warranty on most of their products.
Shaw Grass provides a 10 Year Limited Warranty on all their products.
Tiger Turf provides a 15 Year Limited Warranty on all their products.

Elite Putting Greens and Synthetic Grass provides a 3-year workmanship labor warranty on all its installations. It is the condition of our Contract that if the Contractor upon receipt of written notice that is according with the Contract of a defect in the Work, shall promptly perform its obligations under the Correction of Work provisions of the Contract, a defect may be discovered during the 3-year Correction of Work period and shall commence on the Date of Substantial Completion, or on Date of Final Completion as mutually agreed by the Owner and Contractor, and the obligations shall remain in full effect.


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